Sunday, March 4, 2012

Going on a Tiger Hunt

6:30 am: pick up in the freezing cold wondering why we didn't do the afternoon when its warm.

7:00am: at the entry gate of the park. Vendors selling ear muffs are getting very good business right now.

7:15 am: at the entry gate for section 3 of the park ( our section ) where we spotted our first animal, but only because they were feeding the monkeys.

7:45 am: now starting to warm up a little.

8:10 am: spotted our first REAL wildlife, a spotted deer just like you might see in Canada...

9:00 am: bird attack on the people who have food! Thankfully we didn't have any but the people beside us did.

9:15 am: sitting in the truck waiting for ANY sudden movement. Oh wait, I see something! No that's just a deer.

9:30 am: our guide says that we should start heading back. As we were driving back our truck makes a sudden stop, our guide sees a tiger heading across the lake.

9:31 am: suddenly our guide says duck and starts the truck and we go rushing to the lake at top speed.

9:35 am: can you see him?

9:40 am: okay how about now?

9:55 am: we head back to our hotel feeling satisfied and in need of sleep.


  1. Chloe - does that mean the tiger was right beside your vehicle or do you guys have a great camera?? Did see him (or is it her? how can you tell the difference?) Anyways - fantastic shots - looks like it was a worthwhile endeavor - deer does look the same as here - I was downtown coming out of someones house for book club last night and there were 4 deer on their lawn - lions and tigers and bears (or tigers and monkeys!) are an entirely different proposition! Why did the bus driver make you duck down?? Anyways - good blog, Chloe!

  2. Hi Chloe - good blog post - very interesting that it was so cold in the morning (is that how Mom got a cold?). Made me wonder what the temperature was at mid-day? Also do you know what kind of bird that was? - it was very beautiful. I also want to know why you had to duck down.

  3. Tigers and dear and ducks? Oh my!
    Watch out for those monkies. When I was in Nairobi, Kenya in the eighties on a safari, the small greenish baboons would steal everything in sight. They stole my socks one night. Other people's sneakers were stolen. Nice blogpost. I like the way you break it down by slices of time. Have fun and enjoy the warm sun in Africa.

  4. You can't trust a tiger. You never know when he might be lion.
    Glad you earned your spotting wildlife stripes!
    Keep up the good writing,

  5. Sleep? How can you think of going to sleep after a tiger hunt?!?!? Way cool!! So did you see Calvin too?

    Thanks for the post. Keep 'em coming.

  6. Very cool! Can't wait to see them for myself. Hope you're having fun in South Africa.