Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Could be Better?

Typical Tuscan Countryside

What Could be Better than spending a week at a countryside villa in Tuscany? A week in a Tuscan Villa with my sister!

My sister Cathrine* actually took me up on my offer of sharing our accommodation in Italy (as long as she could book a flight within the 2 week window that I left available - oops!). Paul was confident that Cathrine would arrange it and would be joining us for a glass of wine (or 2).

What Could be Better than taking a tacky tourist picture of me holding up the Tower of Pisa? Convincing my sister to take a picture supporting above mentioned leaning structure!

What Could be Better than climbing up the Mangia Tower in Siena? Looking down onto the Piazza del Campo and imagining the horses running around the outside in the annual Palio Horse Race.

What Could be Better than eating delicious Italian food? Having a lovely Italian woman teach you how to make the traditional, simple Tuscan meals as passed down to her by her mother and mother's mother. Thanks Paola!

What Could be Better than saddling up to the coffee bar to enjoy a cappuccino in Italy? Enjoying a cappuccino at a quaint little trattoria in the small Tuscan village of Rosano. In the cities you'll be charged extra to have a seat, but not here!

What Could be Better than overlooking Florence and the famous Ponte Vecchio?  Being on the Ponte Vecchio!

What Could be Better than spending your birthday in Tuscany? I just don't know,...

*unfortunately other members of the family could not join in on the adventure (probably the mainly due to my lack of organization and advance notice)


  1. Looking very fashionable Bella Heather, and are those the skinny jeans Paul attempted to wear?? Look much better on you!

  2. This is my second try commenting - not sure what I did right the first time - had such a fabulous time - Italy was great but the best part was seeing you three and how well you are doing!!! Am also bragging on Chloe's geography skills - pathetically I admit to having to ask her, as she named a certain "geographic location" (city, town, national park, ???) what country she was talking about? Enjoyed seeing all your passport stamps, Chlo, hope you can fit the rest of the countries in the same passport! Time for a blog on your horse lessons??? Saw a riding photo in turkey, didn't see any from Tuscany!!! Thanks for inviting me, love you guys, CC xoxo

  3. Not sure what I did WRONG . . .