Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Taking a Break in Bretagne

Have we mentioned that Chloe has not been overly happy about our decision to stay warm all year?  She has realized that she's an all-four-seasons kind of girl and since arriving back into the southern part of Europe has complained that it's been just too darn hot!   As Paul and I have decided where we should go (with input from Chloe as well) we decided that Chloe should have a chance to choose our next destination.  She could take us as far north as she wanted as long as it was within France and wouldn't take more than 1 day to travel there from Montpellier.

She took up the challenge, did a little research and chose the Brittany area.  Together we looked at possible places to stay and settled on St. Malo.

As it turned out, Chloe couldn't have chosen a better location for us to spend 5 days to "chill-out" before our visit to Paris and the arrival of our friends Simon and Joanne.
The little square in front of our apartment.
Ours was the 3 windows just below the
roof line.  Our 9th apartment through Airbnb. 

The weather was wet on and off and a little cool but that didn't stop us from enjoying the town within the walls (intra-muros) in St. Malo.  The area was intensively bombed during the war and many buildings and much of the wall of the old town were destroyed.  The city has restored the old town and it's surrounding wall and it is a lovely place to wonder on cobblestone streets and walk on top of the walls.
Part of the cooling down process.
We were told the tide can change up to 10 metres in St. Malo.
This is the view of the walled town from the lighthouse.

As many of you know St. Malo isn't the only attraction in the area.  One of our days took us to the even lovelier town of Dinan.  (IMHO)  The pictures speak for themselves,..

And of course we couldn't be in the area without a visit to Mont Saint Michel, the abby on the hill or as Paul noted, the perfect lair for a super-villain.

Plotting world domination (insert evil laugh)
We left the area rested, definitely cooled down and ready to take on the sights and lights of Paris.


  1. Ok, I must be technically challenged as I have been trying to post on your blog for ages, but it never seems to work. What am I doing wrong? Just wanted to say that I had a great time with you guys at Mont St. Michel and I hope your travels continue to be a lot of fun. I have been reading your blog for hours and just love all of your stories and photos! How did you survive the running of the bulls Paul? - Julia

  2. Ah ha! So if I post as 'anonymous' it works!! Glad I finally figured it out. - Julia

    1. Hi Julia,
      Great to hear from you!!! We were so glad we had the chance to meet you in M.S.M. That was really a fantastic day!