Saturday, July 7, 2012

My France Trip - by guest blogger Simon Bower

The first day when I heard that I was going to Paris I got pumped up about getting on a plane and leaving (it doesn't happen that often), but when we got to the airport my mom told me it was going to be a 10 HOUR FLIGHT. So that happened and it was not fun not to mention that I did not get a single hour of sleep out of our 10 hour flight so you know I had some serious bad jetlag. Getting off the plane I literally felt like falling over I was so tired. We got into the extremely small airport compared to YVR. We got out of that stuffy airport to find Heather, Paul, and Chloe waiting behind the handrail. My mom was probably about to cry like she did when they left our place after their 1 day stay to drive across Canada. It turns out Paul and Chloe were actually having a bet that when we see them which one of us was actually going to cry. Neither of them won because neither one of us ended up crying.

The first day we arrived we headed straight for the apartment to leave right away to a white chapel named sacre couer where you can get an excellent view of Paris.

The second day we went to the Louvre (try to get there early or else ). We saw the Mona Lisa. The room where she was was jam packed (that you cannot help by getting there early). Paul made us (me, Chloe, heather and my mom) pick one statue. I switched my decision around 5 times. I do not remember what Chloe picked mostly because what my moms pick was. Of course my mom picked a statue which obviously had to be naked (won't get to detailed). We also went to the arc de triumphe which was excellent .

On the third day we went to Versailles . We saw king louis the 14,15,16,17,18,etc palace that was also really cool. The line up was terrible. By the way the museum pass did not help in this situation .

We also went to the Disneyland Paris which was really fun. Then we went to the Alsace region in the outskirts of France. In some ways I liked it more than Paris. I now have 2 days left before I get back on my 10 hour flight and come back home. I am sure we have something else fun or exciting before we leave and wait to see the galmc gang when they come back to Vancouver

The End?

(note: Simon and his mom Joanne are close family friends who came to see us both at the start of our trip at PEI and now at the end in France)


  1. Great blog Simon, glad you are having a great trip!

  2. Rad post dude!! You rock!