Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not Finished Yet!!

One of the concerns we had about coming home is that after all of the new experiences and moving around we've done over this past year, being back home would feel too familiar and frankly, boring. Chloe and I have been back for just over a week and we can definitely say that so far we have not been bored.* Everything certainly feels familiar but that hasn't translated to boring!!

Chloe and I landed in Vancouver last week to a fantastic welcome! Even though we landed at midnight, the whole family showed up to the airport to meet us. We were very grateful!!

We have spent some time at the cabin on the Sunshine Coast swimming, kayaking, jumping off Hopkins pier, hiking up the knob and visiting with family and friends.

Chloe is currently on a road trip with her Auntie Patty, Uncle Rick, Quinn and Carys. They have made their way to Wyoming and are having a great time visiting with Cathrine, Dillon, Zara and Sam.

I have spent the last few days swimming, relaxing, walking the digs and swapping stories with my friends Deb and Joe at Cowichan Lake on Vancouver Island.

I will be flying to Winnipeg tomorrow to meet up with Paul and Kathy. We will head straight to West Hawk Lake to visit with family, swim, boat and relax.

I am beginning to realize that although our "big trip" may be behind us, the adventures and travels will never cease!

*I do realize that we are still on holiday and have not yet had to deal with going to work/school 5 days a week. That reality will come and we'll deal with it when we get there. Will keep you posted!

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