Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Road Pops

OK - I just realized that this is my last night in the USA as tomorrow we cross back over to Canada for a few r & r days with family at Westhawk Lake. Given that the last week (holy crap it has only been 7 days) has seen my sister, dog and me cross through 15 states and cover I don't want to know how many kilometers, there are a few things that have come up along the way:

Sorry Fenway, For the longest time you held the title, but Wrigley knocked you to the #2 slot on my favorite ballparks list. I loved the ivy, the fact that there was no replay screen (made me pay attention) and "Take me out to the Ballgame" is way better than "Sweet Caroline" (and I am a Neil fan btw). Loved how the buildings with a birds eye view had all put up bleacher seats on their roofs too. Even spotted a couple getting married on one rooftop.

OMG I am really here... 
First pitch
Jay Bruce of the Reds hit it.....
.....over this guy's head for a home run and the eventual winning run 
Me sitting close to Bartman territory
The rooftop seats
I wonder whose idea getting married like this was?
Now that a couple of days have gone by I can share this (sort of) BWF. I was walking in downtown Chicago Sunday morning like the geeky tourist I am when a short dude in sunglasses advised me I couldn't keep walking up the street, and would have to take the long way around. As I noticed he has a radio and mic concealed (along with who knows what else) I just said sure. When I went down the street a block over I could see the cross street cleared off and many cars with flashing lights a few hundred meters away. A woman beside me mentioned "Oh - is the President back again?" as we crossed the street so I decided to stop and take a picture with my iphone. Then from almost literally out of nowhere a woman got in front of me and exclaimed "You can't take photos here!" I politely smiled my best I'm from Canada smile and said I didn't know and quickly walked before she asked me to delete. So I don't know for sure who was in the 'hood, but assuming it was secret service I encountered I am going to let you make the educated guess. And no - I don't think it was Oprah.

Pretty boring pic for such drama
If you are ever in the vicinity of Chicago in the summer and need to get away, Warren Dunes State Park looks awesome. Sand, surf, and some cool dunes. We would have liked to just kick off our shoes and chill, but alas we had Jessy.

Collecting some Lake Michigan sand for Chloe's collection 
Wishing I had a sandboard
I have added two items to my list of indulgences I will have at home in the event I ever win the lottery.

Forget the bat mobile - I think I found my dream car

One of the things I love most about traveling is when you happen to luck into finding a notable fixture of the community you are visiting. Such was the case yesterday in Wisconsin, an area known for cheese. We stopped at Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet, where they have over 160 types of cheese. In talking with a local guy he told us that this was the premier cheese store in Wisconsin, and after tasting the sampler pack that Kathy bought I have to agree.

And finally....We stopped in Alexandria Minnesota today to get gas, and I decided to get the impromptu haircut so I could look presentable for the family (and Heather) tomorrow. Talking with the stylist led to this exchange:

Her: "So what are you doing in Alexandria"?

Me: (pausing for effect cause I can't believe I am able to use this line in its most literal sense)

"Just passing through"

I love traveling.......

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